Overseas Business

HBIS' overseas business has formed a layout of "four steel companies, two mines and one platform”,which includes DITH (Switzerland), PMC (South Africa), Wheelarra (Australia) , HBIS Serbia, Makstil(Macedonia), DSP(South Africa), KreherSteel (USA) and 22 overseas service centers.

HBIS holds shares in approximately 70 overseas companies, with investment presence in 30 countries and regions, such as U.S., UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong. HBIS has overseas operational assets worth 8.0 billion USD and provides 12,000 jobs abroad.

Being the World's HBIS with

globalized resource, market and customer


Maintaining the leading position in the internationalization of China's steel industry, HBIS will implement the "1234" strategy, namely: 1 industrial park (China-Serbia industrial park), 2 function clusters (overseas service clusters and new business clusters), 3 core business sectors (resources, manufacturing, trading), 4 service platform (global R&D platform, global marketing platform, global steel manufacturing platform and internationalized talents cultivation platform). By 2025, overseas business will account for 25% of the group consolidated revenue.


  • Resource

  • Manufacture

  • Trading

PMC South Africa

电竞服 www.wmgks.icu

PMC South Africa

PMC South Africa, located in Palabora of Limpopo Province, South Africa, is an integrated mining company and biggest copper products supplier in South Africa. The market share of its copper products in the region reaches over 50%. PMC is also a major supplier of magnetite, and serves as the biggest vermiculite supplier exporting to U.S., Asia, Japan, UK and Europe.

After taking over the operation of PMC, Hesteel has strengthened its production operations and planned mid-and-long term development. Hesteel aims to retain market competiveness of PMC for a span longer than 20 years through implementations of Copper phaseⅡdevelopment project, copper smelting rebuild, copper product processing, magnetite selection enhancement(to 100million tons/year), logistic optimization among other projects.


Add:South Africa Palabora Copper (Pty) Limited PO Box 65 1 Copper Road 1389 Phalaborwa, Limpopo

Post Code:

Tel:+2715 780

Fax:+2715 780 2093


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