Letter From the President

As one of the largest and longest established steelmakers and integrated service providers in China, HBIS has always been committed to coordinating economy, society and environment development.

We will whole-heartedly practice the philosophy of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. With the general principle of supply side reform, we will transform the traditional development mode, drive up growth through innovation; the two pillars of accelerating technological progress and management innovation will be fully enhanced, with technology to further release potentials of equipment, managerial innovation to stimulate vitality so as to promote structural readjustment and upgrading.

We will integrate into the global steel industry chain in an ever open and inclusive manner. We are pursuing the strategy of “globalized resource, globalized market, globalized customer” by enhancing global capital cooperation and growing global marketing service platform, global technology R&D platform and global steel making platform, so as to reposition HBIS to be a global conglomerate.

We will be devoted to the environmental protection concept of “ecological priority and green development” by extending clean production tech, realizing an efficient and recycling energy use, and maintaining a harmonious co-existence among human, production and environment. The Group will strive to be a role model of practicing clean production and green development so that a more sustainable development can do its part to improve ecological environment and build a beautiful China.

HBIS grows fast and bursts with vigor. We’d like to deepen amicable cooperation with all upstream and downstream customers, our peers, and other stakeholders. Together we will shoulder our social responsibility and write a new chapter for world steel industry.

This is not only the responsibility of all men in HBIS, but is also a showcase of their confidence and intelligence.

President of HBIS Mr. Yu Yong

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