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With its concept of “Talent is the First Element”, HBIS HR has been an integral part of group operation. The HR sector has been able to meet the needs of the group’s development. The group employees have their sense of responsibility readiness to fullfill their duties. They understand they are representing the national industry and playing a national role in their daily work. HBIS HR has been innovating its management and operation systems to strengthen the high level employee team management. They have been optimizing the HR structure and improve their comprehensive capabilities. With talents playing different roles, the group has been able to achieve its “Three Top Class” goals (First Class People, First class HR Management System and First Class HR Efficiency) to give support to the construction of world’s most competitive steel manufacturer.

  • Employee Promotion
  • Salary and Allowances
  • Post Doctoral Studies

Since 2010, the group has held seven “HBIS Cup” Professional Skill Games that have given the technicians a green channel to promotion in their career. The games also gave the group an effective mechanism and platform to locate the talented. In the previous seven games, the group has found 63 “Gold Medal” workers, 117 technical pacesetters, 366 technical experts, and selected two national technical experts, 26 national industrial technical experts and 73 Hebei Provincial technical experts. Eight employees have won, at provincial level and beyond, the “Model Worker Medal” and “May Day Medal” titles through winning the competitions.

HBIS now has 2454 model workers at all level, including 10 national level model workers, 16 national May day medal winners, 127 provincial & ministerial model workers and May Day Medal winners, 412 municipal model workers and May Day Medal winners. In 2015, Mr.Zheng Jiuqiang was elected the National Model Worker, National Ethics Model and The Most Beautiful Employee Title in the “Chinese Dream & Beauty of Working” Campaign.

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