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HBIS Serbia Executive Team Presented Their Performances In Hebei SASAC


April 28, Hebei SASAC held a video conference in which HBIS Serbia Executive Team presented their outstanding performances. Hebei SASAC CCP Deputy Chair Cao Haiyan hosted the conference and made her speech. On behalf of CCP Committee of Hebei SASAC, she extended her best regards to the team and offered congratulations. Hebei SASAC member of CCP Committee, CCP Disciplinary Committee Deployed in SASAC Director Wu Libin, SASAC member of CCP Committee, Deputy Director Li Guang attended the meeting and HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong made his speech. 

In the conference, decision of “CCP Publicity Department Honoring HBIS Serbia Executive Team with Title Model of Our Time”was announced and representatives watched the video titled “Saving A Mill, Saving a City, A Miracle On Danube”, depicted the accomplishment of HBIS Serbia Executive team.

HBIS Serbia Representative Song Sihai, Zhao Jun, Wang Lianxi, Gao Feng and Representative of Serbian local Employee Milan presented their work and life, from different perspectives, recall the tremendous development of HBIS Serbia in the past three years, tell the stories of friendship of Chinese and Serbian people. Their great passion and stories moved everybody in the hall and their boiling applause was the award to the “Model of our Time”.

Cao haiyan said that, for three years, HBIS Serbian Executive team kept their duty in heart. By sacrificing their family time, they go to work in a place tens of thousands of miles away. By hard work, selfless dedication and efforts, the team completed the Belt & Road Initiative project and iconic project of international cooperation project. By winning the “Model of Time”title of CCP Publicity Department, they are implementing the dedication and spirits to the country that promoted by Chairman Xi Jinping.   

Cao Haiyan emphasized that the title “Model of Our Time”was not merely an honor to HBIS Serbia, it was an honor to HBIS, to Hebei SASAC and Hebei Province. They are top representatives of thousands of SASAC system employees. From their spirits, we could see the spirits of Hebei enterprises and their people. Their value is to promote the deep level reform of SOE, upgrade and high quality development. SASAC system party members and employees should learn HBIS Serbia spirits and led by the classic successes to lead the development of SASAC SOE.  

Yu Yong said, the profound success of HBIS Serbia was a fruit of leadership of Hebei CCP and Provincial government. We keep Chairman Xi Jinping’s requirements in our heart and firmly implement Xi Jinping New Era Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. It is a success case of Belt & Road Initiative in Europe. The project shows the great accomplishments of 40 years of open and reform policy of our country and improvement of comprehensive capabilities of the country and Chinese steel industry. It also reflects the efforts of Hebei Province dedicated to Belt & Road projects and structural reform, upgrades the industry, enhances the high quality development and international production cooperation. 

Yu Yong said HBIS Serbia Project had Chairman Xi Jinping’s trusts to Hebei Province and HBIS. It also represents the cherished friendship of the two countries. Facing the future, HBIS will cherish its honors, remember its responsibilities, and fulfill its duties implementing Chairman Xi Jinping’s thinking of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in new era. In new era of building a new strong province and a beautiful Hebei, HBIS will not disappoint Chairman Xi Jinping’s expectations and instructions, will not fail the support and trust of Hebei Provincial CCP Committee, Provincial Government and Hebei SASAC.   

President of Hebei Construction & Invest Group, Mr.Mi Dabin made his speech as one of representative of Hebei enterprises.