Group Profile

As one of the world’s largest steelmakers, HBIS Group Co., Ltd ("HBIS") is devoted to providing various industries with the most valuable steel material and service solutions, aiming to become the most competitive steel enterprise. HBIS has become China’s largest supplier for home appliance steel, second largest for automotive steel and the leading steel supplier for nuclear power, marine engineering, bridges and construction. HBIS has got“ highly competitive” —the highest rating of Report on the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese iron and steel enterprises. Now HBIS is Vice President of World Steel Association and the rotating President of China Iron and Steel Association. 


Based on the vision of globalization and full industrial chain, HBIS has defined a transformation strategy of “stretching farther and wider”. HBIS is updating its synergetic portfolio consisting of Steel material, Industrial service, Overseas business and Industrial Finance, to construct a global conglomerate with worldwide brand influence.

While optimizing and strengthening its steel materail industry, HBIS is also striving to develop modern industrial services and industrial chain finance. The Group is now providing multi-service, such as industrial technology, engineering technology, digital technology, industrial trade and industrial finance to upstream and downstream customers. Led by the philosophy of “globalized resource, globalized market, globalized customer”, HBIS is committed to speeding up the construction of a global marketing service platform, global R&D platform and global manufacturing platform. Recent years HBIS has witnessed the successful controlling stake acquisition of PMC—the largest copper producer in South Africa, DITH—the world’s largest steel products marketing service provider, and Smederevo steel mill—the only large state-owned steel producer in Serbia. HBIS has directly or indirectly participate and hold more than 70 overseas companies. Overseas assets has reached 9 billion dollars. With the business network throughout over 110 countries and regions, HBIS has been recognized as the most internationalized steel company of China.

Up to the end of 2018, HBIS has almost 120,000 employees, among which about 12,000 overseas employees are included. With revenue of 336.8 billion RMB and total assets of 437.5 billion RMB, HBIS has been the Global 500 for eleven consecutive years and ranks 214 th in 2019. HBIS is also ranks 54th, 17 th and 30 th respectively for China Top 500 Enterprises, Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises and China's 100 Largest Multinational Companies in 2018.


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